We manufacture for Turkey

SANICA, a leading brand in the industry and a subsidiary of FATINOĞLU HOLDING, operates with production facilities in Istanbul, Elazığ, and Manisa, Turkey. With regional offices and a dealer network nationwide and international branch offices, SANICA manufactures various product groups under its brand, including Pipe Products, Heating Products, Bathroom Products, and Infrastructure Products.


SANICA, a key player in the Turkish market, produces radiators, towel warmers, boilers, built-in reservoirs, control panels, and both underground and aboveground pipe groups. Operating in 12 facilities across 5 countries, SANICA exports its products to over 80 countries, holding a position among the top 5 radiator brands globally and ranking as one of the largest 5 bathtub manufacturers in Europe.Establishing a dealership system, SANICA maintains close contact with customers at points of accessibility, technical maintenance, spare parts, and rapid shipment. It's a well-established brand committed to product quality from raw material selection, through production processes, to reaching end-users, offering a quality management system that consistently earns high marks from consumers since its inception.


Prioritizing sustainable practices, SANICA holds a carbon footprint certificate and produces special Agricultural Irrigation product lines that minimize water consumption. The company is environmentally conscious with solar panels installed in its factories. As a socially responsible brand, SANICA actively increases female employment, embraces equality, and supports education through initiatives such as the Abidin Nesimi Fatinoğlu Anatolian High School and other educational policies.


Implementing Waste Management Systems across its facilities, SANICA works towards a sustainable lifestyle and brand, continuously enhancing efforts. Engaging in marketing activities domestically and internationally, participating in major industry fairs, and representing its brand are all part of SANICA's commitment to reaching everyone with its quality.

Our vision is to increase the living standards and satisfaction of our customers by offering them quality, unique and affordable products; to keep its leading position by creating competition at its sector, and aim for bigger objectives by continuously growing.
SANICA, as a leading brand in Turkey and well-known at the international arena, intends to offer products and services meeting the needs of customers based on the principles of quality, reliability, health, affordability and functionality. To be a leading company both in Turkey and across the world by closely following technological developments and manufacturing its products in the light of these developments; to take care of the satisfaction and health of our employees and, increase their improvement offering training and education opportunities.
We respect the people, environment, social needs, individual rights and freedoms and all the values about life itself. We attach importance to and support training and education. We develop customer-driven businesses and, create unique business models by analyzing the requirements and expectations of our customers. We work with an entrepreneurial spirit and, make rational decisions. We produce value-adding businesses by working together with all the employees and business partners.