Fatinoglu Holding Headquarters

Total area 25,000 m2

Fatinoglu Holding Headquarters are located in Beylikdüzü, İstanbulsince 1994, Our brands; Sanica, Pegasolift, Akhisar Cam, Energy Perfetto and all the administrative activities are managed from the headquarters. Fatinoğlu Holding, gives priority to female employment, having 60% women employees. Chinese, French, Russian, Italian and Arabic languages are spoken in the company where we have young, dynamic and innovative personnel with an average age of 35.

Akhi̇sar Glass & Metal Production Plants

Total area 80,000 m2, Covered area 50,000 m2
Panel Radiator and Gas Boiler products are produced in Akhisar Production plants. Akhisar Panel Radiator Factory was established in 2015. This plant produces panel radiators with an annual production capacity of 5 million meters. This facility is based on 85.000 sqm and 35.000 sqm of which is an indoor area. Gas boiler production in Akhisar Plants has started in 2018. SANICA JAVA 24-28-35 kW, SANICA KRAL 24-28-35 kW, SANICA Zirve 24-28-35 kw Condensing Boilers and SANICA FIJI 24-28 kW Hermetic Boilers are produced in this plant. The facility, which has a production capacity of 100.000 pieces per year, has an area of 20.000 sqm, of which 14,400 sqm is an indoor area. All the quality tests and standards are applied by own human resource within the facility laboratories.

Akhi̇sar Radiator and Gas Boiler Production Plants

Total area 17,000 m2

Our Akhisar Glass factory, which started production in 2017; It serves the lighting, furniture, construction and household appliances sectors. It makes its production with 100% domestic raw materials in an indoor area of 8.000 sqm. The 4mm-19mm transparent, frosted, colored, painted, flat and curved glasses are produced with high tempered quality in the facility with an annual production capacity of 360.000 sqm. The standard towel warmers in white, chrome, anthracite colors and design radiator models as Braga, Santona, Manila, Mira, Calmi, Inma, Alias, Nelas, Vigo, Laza, Curvy designs are produced with an annual production capacity of 300 thousand pieces in another section of our Akhisar factory which has a 6.000 sqm closed area and an 13.000 sqm open area. All the auxiliary materials are also produced within this plant such as plastic parts, installation kits etc.

Elazığ Plastic Pipes Production Plants

Total area 185,000 m2
In our SANICA Elazig Pipe Factory, which started its production activities in 2011; PVC Waste Water Pipe; Between Ø50/Ø200, PVC Waste Water Fittings: Between Ø50/Ø200, Clean Water Pipe (PVC); Pn6/Pn16, Corrugated Pipe (HDPE) between Ø50/Ø400; Ø100/ Ø1000 Sn4/Sn8, Corrugated Pipe Fittings (HDPE); Ø100/Ø1000, PE Pressure Drinking Water Pipe; Ø20/Ø1200 Pn6/Pn32, Natural gas pipe (PE80); PVC Round Drainage Pipe between Ø20/Ø400 mm; PVC Tunnel Drainage Pipe between Ø80/Ø200 mm; Between Ø160/Ø200 mm, Pert Pipe; Between Ø16/Ø20 mm, PVC Curtain rail (Cornice); Single/Double/Triple/Quad channel, PE Eye Multiplexer; It is produced in various combinations between Ø32 Ø50 mm. Our Sanica Elazig Pipe Factory, operating in a total area of 185.000 sqm with a production capacity of 25,800 tons / year, offers both environmentally friendly and 100% domestic production by making use of solar energy in its 45,000 sqm closed area. The only accendited test laboratory in the region is also operating within the factor

İstanbul Rezervuar Grubu Üreti̇m Tesi̇sleri

Total area 12,000 m2
Gömme Rezervuarlar, Kontrol Panelleri ve İç Takımlar İstanbul Tamamlayıcı Ürünler Grubu Tesisleri’nde üretilmektedir. Tamamen entegre çalışan tesisimiz; 10 bin m²’si kapalı olmak suretiyle toplam 12 bin m²’lik bir alana sahiptir. Gömme Rezervuar kategorisinde; Duvar Önü Hızlı Montaj (SAN74, SAN85, SAN100, SAN140), Simflex (SAN74, SAN100), Helataşı (SAN74, SAN85, SAN100), Alçıpan Duvar (SAN74, SAN85, SAN100), Sırt Sırta (SAN100) modelleri yılda 100 bin adet üretim kapasitesiyle üretilmektedir. Kontrol Panelleri kategorisinde; P01-P02-P03-P04-P05-P06 model kontrol panelleri beyaz, mat krom boyalı, mat krom kaplama, parlak krom, inci beyazı ve siyah seçenekleriyle ve yılda 100 bin adet üretim kapasitesiyle üretilmektedir. İç Takım kategorisinde; tamamı uzun ömür garantili, sessiz ve kolay montajlı ürünlerin üretim kapasitesi yılda 100.000 adettir.

İstanbul Bathtub Production Plants

Toplam alan 25,000 m2
The Bathtubs, Shower Trays, Spa, Special Series, Hydromassage Systems, Compact Systems, Shock Shower Systems are produced with Sanica brand in Istanbul Beylikdüzü Production Facilities which has 20.000 sqm closed and 5.000 sqm open area. All production is made in order to reach the expectations and needs of our current and potential customers. Sanica is a Fatinoğlu Holding company; committed to quality, health, innovation, is a sector leader in Turkey with creative productions. 70% of the production is exported at the facility where annual capacity is 600.000 pieces of products with Sanica quality and assurance.

İstanbul Plastic Pipe Plants Production

Total area 20,000 m2
Istanbul Beylikdüzü Production Facilities, which started operation in 2010 with 100% domestic production, has a total area of 20.000 sqm. In the 15.000 sqm closed area of our facility, which operates with an annual production capacity of 22 thousand tons; PPRC pipes 20-125 (pn16-pn 20-pn25), Pprc glass fiber pipes 20-125 (PN 20-PN 25), Pprc foiled pipes 20-63, Pprc fittings 20-125, Pex pipes (sheathed-with oxygen barrier) 16-25mm, Pert pipes (sheathed-with oxygen barrier) 16-25mm, Alpex pipes 16-32, PVC Waste Water Pipe; Pvc pneumatic conveying pipes between Ø50/Ø160; PP Waste Water Pipe between Ø50 / Ø160; PP silenzio Waste Water Pipe between Ø50 / Ø160; PP super silent Waste Water Pipe between Ø50/Ø160; PP Waste Water fittings between Ø50/Ø160; Between Ø50/Ø160, PP silenzio Waste Water fittings; PP super silent Waste Water fittings between Ø50 / Ø160; Sheets between Ø50 / Ø160 and PMMA / ABS are produced.

Akhi̇sar Forklift & Stacker Machines Production Plants

Total area 20,000 m2
Pegasolift SRL joined Fatinoğlu Holding family in 2020 after seving in Italian Market for 30 years. Now located in Akhisar After / Turkey the company produces. Elektrical forklifts, pallet trucks, pallet stackers under the Pegasolift and Sanica brand. Pegasolift also manufactures INOX pallet trucks and stackers. These machine comply with the most stirct regulations in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other critical industries.

İstanbul Flush Cisterns Production Plants

Total area 37,000 m2
Concealed Cisterns, Control Panels and Cistern Mechanisms are produced in Istanbul Complementary Products Group Facilities. Our fully integrated facility; It has a total area of 12.000 sqm of which 10.000 sqm is closed. In the Concealed Cistern Category; Wall&Floor (SAN74, SAN85, SAN100, SAN140), Simflex (SAN74, SAN100), Squatting pan (SAN74, SAN85, SAN100), Plasterboard Wall (SAN74, SAN85, SAN100), Dual Body (SAN100) models produced with a production capacity of 100 thousand pieces per year. In the Control Panels Category; P01-P02-P03-P04-P05-P06 model control panels are produced in white, matte chrome painted, matte chrome plated, bright chrome, pearl white and black options with a production capacity of 150K thousand pieces per year. In the Cistern Mechanism Category; all of the products are guaranteed for a long life, silent and easily assembled; the production capacity is 100.000 pieces per year.

Akhi̇sar Pallet Truck Production Plant

Total area 37,000 m2 Sanica Pallet Truck Factory, which operates on a 37.000 sqm land in Manisa Akhisar region with a total of 250 personnel in a 30.000 sqm closed area; with an annual production capacity of 500.000 which is 3 times the size of Turkey’s need, is engaged in manufacturing and fully automated with robots. In our facility where the latest robotic system is used, Turkish engineers and technicians with high education and work experience; fast, economical and quality service is offered. It provides 24/7 support with warranty period and customer relations after sales